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Produce Bin Ramp Extension (straight ramp)

SIZE (WxLxH): 900 × 320 × 100 mm


The new straight ramp extensions are an innovative and versatile solution designed to enhance your produce storage and display capabilities.

  • Optimised Space: It offers an extension to the existing ramp, allowing you to maximize the utilization of your actual produce bins, as the clear front straight ramp goes to the outside dimensions of your produce bins (not just the inside), which allows more room for products such as Polly wicker baskets and wooden crates.
  • Continuous Flow: You can now create an endless flow between units. This guarantees a smoother customer experience, facilitating efficient movement while shopping and ensuring a visually appealing display.
  • Clear Front Design: Featuring a clear front that provides a modern and upmarket feel to your produce display area and enhances the visibility of your products, attracting customers and encouraging purchases.
  • Cost-Effective Revamp: By investing in Ramp Extensions, you can transform your produce area without the expense of purchasing entirely new produce bins.

Dimension: 900 mm W x 320 mm D x 100 mm H