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Visual Merchandising!

Visual Merchandising!

Visual Merchandising is the art of marketing products at a subconscious level to grab a customer’s attention and either entice them into the store or engage them to buy a specific product.

There have been many articles and blogs written about the importance of effective Visual Marketing, the subconscious effects it has on customers and how it can be an important factor to increase sales through customer engagement. Some articles even claim if done correctly it has been proven to increase sales significantly. (see link below to read the full article)

The main key point is to always remember that the customer has 5 senses, so engaging them with all five senses is the key to effective Merchandising.

Create interesting visual displays as a focal point which captures the customers attention. Use different heights to display items on a shelf or with Floor displays. The golden rule with visual displays is to group in “threes”. Three different heights, three different products, or three different groups. The number three simplifies a display visually in the customer’s mind, it creates balance, creates a focal point within the display and three is not enough to appear “cluttered”.

Creating visual “Scenes” to invoke a thought or a feeling, such as a Melamine serving platter arranged with cheeses, smallgoods and fruit. The scene creates a scenario in the customer’s mind of serving a platter to their family or friends and therefore can invoke an impulse to replicate the scenario.

Aromas throughout the store such as hot roasted nuts, or cooking demonstrations creates a sensory engagement in the customer which may also entice them to purchase.

Lastly tasting tables for the customer to sample your produce also engages the customer to possibly add that last item to their basket.

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