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Wine of the Month!

Wine of the Month!

Cellar doors and Bottle shops across the country are always looking for new and exciting display ideas to showcase their latest “Craft Beer”, “Spirit” or Wine” of the month.

We are proud to launch a rustic beverage display stand. Designed to house and display full slabs of craft beers this stand is a great way to showcase your customers newest Craft Beer line.

However, if your customer is looking for sophistication and elegance to promote a particular brand, we have just launched a new four tier, dark stained wooden stand with soft, velvet textured inserts (in the colour of your choice) to enhance the display for the more premium wines or spirits they may have.

Both stands are designed to sit at the end of an isle or near the checkout counter, these stands will no doubt be the perfect product placement strategy for many a new craft beer, spirit or wine of the month.

As a gift idea we also have custom made wooden beverage boxes complete with woodwool or soft foam inserts to package bottles of wine or spirits in a range of stain colours.

Contact us today for more information.