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Produce Bins!

Produce Bins!

The humble produce bin, often it gets overlooked, but it is an integral piece of furniture in the world of Grocery display.

Fresh Produce Displays manufacture a range of Produce bins which are a standard 900 x 900mm. They come in various colours and finishes to compliment a store’s décor and can be put on castor wheels for ease of moving. In addition, they ship in flat pack form to reduce transport costs out to your customer.

Our range of bin toppers are designed to drop into the bin easily, therefore changing the top from a ramp to steps takes only a few minutes. Since we make the toppers in house, if you have a customer that needs a modification made to any of our steps or ramps, we are able to assist you.

Have a customer who would like a custom-made produce bin? Let us know as we can manufacture to their specific requirements.