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Habits across Australia are changing. Covid19 closed our favourite restaurants and takeaway became the trend of 2020. As we have re-opened across the country, the habits of people have changed.

Gone are the queues at the local takeaway shop, delivery apps on our phones are now the norm, but as the Supermarkets can attest to… there has been a shift in the way customers now shop.

Healthy ready-made meals are on the rise and the Deli sections are evolving to keep up. Customers are picking up hot chickens, roasts or quiches on the way home to serve for dinner.

The hot section of the Deli Departments are expanding and the cold sections are shrinking in a bid to satisfy the trend.

To assist, we have launched a gorgeous new range of Brushed Stainless-Steel Risers to help you maximise the space and create a depth to your display in the Hot cabinet.

Add some coloured crockery, wire baskets or stoneware to display and the food will sell itself.

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