Polywicker Shopping Baskets!

Polywicker Shopping Baskets!

The humble shopping basket, a must have in any store as a tool for the customer to place their purchases in, but it does so much more on a sub-conscious level.

By freeing up the shopper’s hands and providing a vessel to put multiple items in… the shopper is no longer restricted by what they can carry in their hands nor reminded by what they are holding, and this does two very important things.

Firstly, their entire focus is now on choosing the next item to possibly purchase and secondly it makes the shopper temporarily forget the last item they put into the basket. So, on a subconscious level, shoppers are actively encouraged to purchase more in the store.

How many times have we gone to a store and when the basket is full, we decide we do not need any more items and proceed to the check-out. If we were holding individual items, we would leave the store a lot earlier.

Our new line of durable Polywicker Shopping baskets with folding handles are easy to use, easy to wipe clean and are a fresh take on the traditional plastic basket. Place them on the stand and they will make a great edition to any store.

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