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Produce Bins!

Produce Bins!

The humble produce bin, often it gets overlooked, but it is an integral piece of furniture in the world of Grocery display.

Fresh Produce Displays manufacture a range of Produce bins which are a standard 900 x 900mm. They come in various colours and finishes to compliment a store’s décor and can be put on castor wheels for ease of moving. In addition, they ship in flat pack form to reduce transport costs out to your customer.

Our range of bin toppers are designed to drop into the bin easily, therefore changing the top from a ramp to steps takes only a few minutes. Since we make the toppers in house, if you have a customer that needs a modification made to any of our steps or ramps, we are able to assist you.

Have a customer who would like a custom-made produce bin? Let us know as we can manufacture to their specific requirements.

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Grand Opening!

Grand Opening!

Fair Dinkum Fresh in Emerald Queensland recently unveiled their stylish new Grocery store.

Months in the planning, and a lot of hard work by the team at Fair Dinkum Fresh, they have transformed this space into a stylish Grocery store with a fantastic layout and an abundance of produce glistening with colour.

The fruit separators atop to their new produce bins are minimising the amount of produce on display and reducing bruising, all at the same time creating an appealing display of produce to entice the customer to take more home.

Well done to the Fair Dinkum Fresh Team!

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New Bulk Food Tubs

New Bulk Tubs with Lids and Scoop

We are excited to announce that we have a new range of white bulk tubs.

Ideal for loose produce such as grains and dry goods, these white bulk tubs come with a clear polycarb lid and a scoop as standard.

Let your customers dispense their own loose produce, whilst reducing cross contamination as each tub has its own scoop and lid.

Available in two sizes, contact us today for a quote.

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Back by Popular Demand!

Back by Popular Demand!

Due to popular demand we have brought back the metal two tier wine barrel stand.
With an innovative new design, this metal stand now packs flat to reduce freight costs

The same “Look” can also be achieved with the Black Wooden stand plus extension.
An ideal alternative for the “Budget Conscience” customer.

Available for the 500 and 650 Barrels

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Wine Barrels Makes an Impact!

West Lakes Shores Foodland wanted to make an impression on their shoppers from the minute they walked into the store. Since they already had their own large wine barrels, the concept was to use them to make a grouped feature as you enter the store.

In keeping with the flow, we recessed smaller barrels into the top of the produce bins, and then complimented the look by adding them into the refrigerator.

The finished project has freshened up the whole area and it certainly makes the desired impact as you walk in.

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Findon Get Fresh Gets an Exciting Make Over!

Everything old is new once again with the recent renovations just completed at Findon Get Fresh, and what a stunning look has been achieved.

 Working in collaboration with the team from Fresh Produce Displays, owners Carmen, David and Lisa-Marie decided to take the store back to its basics and rejuvenate from the bottom up.

Going with a “Raw Pine Look” the new produce bins with Blackboard signage gives the customer a “Fresh from the Farm Gate” feel as they enter the store. This simple addition by having the produce bins on wheels, allowed the store to expand outwards each morning into the mall by creating another aisle. The mounded bin-toppers are now all spilling with gorgeous fresh produce, which makes you want to fill your shopping basket to the brim.

Delving further into the store, the small goods and cheese section has also been renewed with the simple use of wooden crates and tilted wine barrel topped with grapes.

Round the corner, and the display of produce is literally spilling from the shelves in some clever clear fronted tubs which hang over the shelves and put all the produce front and centre for you to choose.

Well done to the Team at Findon Get Fresh you are an inspiration to us all.